Saturday, October 31, 2009

JG G3SG1 Review

Review by Sir secky74 of FilAirsoft.Com

Good day fellow airsofters, I have with me a newly released JG g3sg1, I’m a long time fan of this rifle, and a fan of JG also, when I heard that JG was going to release this baby, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to get me one.
Bought this baby from a fellow forumer/gunrunner, cheap to boot, plus a free 500 round hi-cap mag, anyway, the rifle come with a stock JG Shuangbao 1500mah NiCad battery, wall charger, winding key for the mag, 500 round metal hi-cap mag, bi-pod, cleaning rod and the unit of course.

So here goes my personal review of the unit, it’s my first time to make a review, so bear with me... ;D

The rifle...

Comes with the sweet looking bipod

Left side of the receiver

Right side of the receiver

Left side of the front assembly

Right side of the front assembly

Full stock

Flash Hider

Front Sight

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Difference Between Gas Blowback and Non-Blowback Gas Airsoft Guns

green gas airsoft guns
Author: Michiel Van Kets

Airsoft games are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, particularly in America and Europe. It is a very competitive sport that has many variations but generally involves two teams that shoot BBs or pellets at each other with airsoft guns or rifles. The games can be set-up in acres of woodland, urban environments or other varied terrain.

Airsoft guns are often exact replicas of actual firearms and can easily be mistaken for the genuine item. Although they travel at speeds that are much slower than a real gun they can still give you a good bruise if hit by one, however they cannot injure you seriously. It is necessary to take extreme caution when handling airsoft guns to prevent any misunderstandings or accidents. If you are on the premises of a licensed airsoft game site then full safety regulations should be taken into account as they are set not only for the safety of others but also your own.

One of the most popular types of airsoft guns are gas-powered guns and rifles. Also known as GBB, they are generally suitable for those who have some previous experience of airsoft guns but are not fully proficient; they can also work out cheaper than automatic electric guns.

Gas Airsoft Guns are considered by many airsoft players to be the best types of guns to buy, mainly due to their higher level of bb velocity compared to electric and spring powered guns. These types of guns are popular due to their realistic semi-automatic firing and the ease in which the magazine can be reloaded.

There are two types of gas-powered guns, Gas Blowback">”">Blowback and Non-Blowback Gas Airsoft Guns. Non-blowback guns, or GNB, are a step-up from spring powered airsoft guns, they don’t have the gas actuated slide mechanism, are cheaper than blowback guns and don't use as much gas. GNBs can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger and offer a very realistic experience for the player. The Non-blowback">”">Non-blowback gun has less moving parts than other gas-powered guns and because of this less is likely to go wrong with it.

The most common gas-powered gun is the gas-blowback, when fired the power behind the recoil that is created by the gas provides an impression of handling a real firearm. They operate by using green gas either stored in the magazine or on-board to compress the air used to force the bb out of the barrel. The same gas is then used to cycle back the slide, causing recoil by cycling the slide back and forwards. This kind of structure is usually much quieter than the AEG’s or spring airsoft guns, which allows the player using it to gain more ground by sneaking up on their opponents. The gas blowback airsoft gun has the ability to fire pellets at a speed that is similar to a real gun and can be an exciting and challenging experience.

The sport of Airsoft is now available in many countries around the world and its popularity is increasing all the time. Airsoft games are fun and handling a replica of a real military firearm is an exhilarating experience. If you are looking for an airsoft pistol to play in war games, then Gas Airsoft Guns are good quality models to buy.

About the Author:

Michiel Van Kets provides article services for Charles Bernardi who is an Airsoft gun retailer, enthusiast and owner of The Company offers items such as Airsoft BB guns, Gas">”">Gas Airsoft guns and Gas">”">Gas Powered rifles. For information, tips or advice visit the website.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Airsoft FAQs: What is Dead Man Walking?

dead man walkingAuthor: Mike Zhang

Because airsoft relies on the honor system, a fair skirmish requires that players call themselves out when they have been hit. Players must also avoid firing at any player who has been hit but has not yet exited the playing field. A player is eliminated when he or she is hit on any part of the body, including on gear such as goggles and vests. In most cases, eliminated players are supposed to exit the field of play until a new round starts or they are permitted to reenter the game. An exception is when the game is being played with a medic. In this case, hit players typically remain down in place until the player designated as the medic arrives and “revives” them. When a medic is not part of the scenario, hit players are usually required to leave the playing field and return to the staging area, or 'safe zone,' where they remain until the skirmish ends or they are permitted to reenter the game. "Dead man walking" is a widely known expression used in airsoft to signify that a player has been eliminated and should not be a target for enemy fire.

While the "dead man walking" signal is pretty widely known, different fields have their own specific rules for what a player should do after being hit. Some organizations stipulate that hit players should carry their airsoft guns high above their heads while returning to the safe zone. Some say to both hold your weapon high while shouting "dead man walking." Being aware of what these signals mean is important not just so that you can communicate to other players when you are hit, but also so that you will not fire on another player that has been hit. Because of the variations in rules from field to field, learning the guidelines put forth for a particular event is critical to having a fun and fair skirmish.

About the Author:

Mike Zhang is the VP of Operations of Airsoft Megastore, a leading online provider of Airsoft guns, gear and accessories. Airsoft Megastore offers guaranteed lowest prices on airsoft guns including airsoft sniper rifles.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Most Unique Ghillie Suit

most unique gillie suitAuthor: James E Mizzell

This is the third in a series of 6 episodes in which I describe and discuss the virtues of the more popular ghillie suits. In this episode we'll talk about the most unique ghillie suit on the market; the Chameleon ghillie suit.

This is another synthetic based suit and like the others it is fire-retardant, rot-proof, scent-free, non-allergenic, and will not rot your teeth. The synthetic suits are much lighter and cooler than the older jute

The single thing that sets this suit apart from all the rest is the synthetic "leaf". The leaf is nothing more than a piece of stiff , synthetic material about 10 inches long with the ends shaped like a leaf. This leaf is then tied to the mesh just as the jute or synthetic thread was. Over 700 of these leaves are tied to a single suit.

I was skeptical when I first read about this suit. It didn't sound to me as if it would be very effective. I couldn't have been more wrong. Right out of the box, the chameleon ghillie suit is superior camouflage. With just a minimum of enhancement through vegetation, no suit I know of can beat it and only a few can approach equaling it.

It is a one piece full body suit that covers from that little hot place on top of your head all the way down to the part the chiggers bite first (your ankles). It weighs less than 5 lbs, and thanks to those unique "leaves", and only a mesh liner, it is cooler than any other suit on the market at this time. there are a few strands of the thread mixed in, but not enough to weigh anything or to hinder the air flow.

When putting on any mesh lined ghillie suit, the mesh tries to hang on anything and everything. This trial can be eased by simply covering your hands with a couple of plastic bags (the kind you bring your groceries home in). Your fingers slide right into the suit without hanging on anything. You can take off the bags once you're in the suit.

The sleeves can be fstened in place with the drawstrings and cord locks. The suit is split on each side from the knee down to facilitate movement(sort of like a hookers skirt, but not as high).

The Chameleon ghillie is available in 3 camo color patterns- woodland, desert, or mossy and comes in 2 sizes- med/lg and XL/XXL. This same camo concept is available in a head and shoulders version, a face veil, and a gear wrap.

About the Author:

I am James Mizzell, owner of 3 websites;
I am retired, living in Florida and working on another site.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is my very first airsoft gun, an A&K M4 CQB. I bought it in a black market in Quiapo Philippines for 4,500 pesos. It shoot at about 420 FPS out of the box, but when the spring settle down it go down to 390 to 400 FPS. I made a mock silenter for my gun, I made it from a couple of PVC pipes from our backyard.
After this gun have settled, I upgraded the internal part of it. I have changed the spring to SP140, I have change the spring guide, cylinder head, piston body and the gears. Right after it was upgraded it shoot up on whooping 530 FPS, it really hurts when you are hit with that. But wen it settled it go down to 450 FPS.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Choosing the Right Gas for Your Airsoft Gun

Author: Don J

Realism, accuracy, operating action, and cost of operation are just a few of the reasons gas airsoft guns have become extremely popular in the United States in recent years. The most important aspects of owning, operating, and maintaining a gas airsoft gun is the appropriate selection of propellant. The most commonly used propellants are 134A, green gas, and CO2.

The type of gas needed is determined by several factors. Airsoft guns are typically designed to run only one type of gas. However, there is an inherent problem with this approach. The pressure a gas exerts, power in the case of an airsoft gun, depends on temperature. The same propellant that is acceptable at room temperature may be harmful to the same airsoft gun, in let's say Arizona in August.

The exact opposite also holds true. A gas airsoft gun that works perfectly fine indoors during the winter months in Montreal may begin to malfunction soon after stepping outdoors. In this case because of the decrease in temperature, the gas pressure inside the airsoft gun has dropped to such a level that there is no longer enough power to complete the firing action of the gun. This reduced pressure can also allow the valve to remain open after a shot and result in the expulsion of the remaining gas.

Gas selection depends on the manufacturers initial design intentions, as well as, the temperature at which the airsoft gun will be operating. While using a more powerful gas or using the recommended gas at an elevated temperature you run the risk of damaging your airsoft gun.

134A is typically recommended for airsoft guns of Japanese origin, although there are exceptions. This gas can be used under all but the coldest environmental conditions. The temperature drop during the winter months usually starts affecting these guns at 40 degrees and below. When your airsoft gun begins to misfire it is general safe to move to the more powerful green gas or propane.

Green gas is the most popular of the gases in airsoft. The majority of guns, especially from countries other than Japan, are designed to utilize this type of gas. During summer months, the temperate may cause green gas may become too powerful and damage your gun. The quality of airsoft guns that are designed to use green gas vary greatly, and make a hard temperature limit difficult at best. However, if the ambient temperature is approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit you may wish to switch to the less powerful 134A. The amount of direct sunlight and frequency of use need to be considered as well, if your airsoft gun is in continuous use, the process of expelling a little gas for each shot will actually lower the temperature of your gun.

CO2 airsoft guns, with a rare exception, will only be able to accept CO2. CO2 operates in a wider temperature range, but the cost of operation and over all hassle of dealing with the intricacies of this gas make it less than favourable. CO2 is generally frowned upon in the airsoft community except for some speciality rifles that have a small but loyal following.

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Find out more about gas airsoft guns at Trinity Airsoft.

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