Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A&K Dragunov Review

A review by Sir Blaze of FilAirsoft.Com

The Rifle is inside a long, plain, cardboard box without any markings, pulling the foam inserts from the box, It revealed the gun with a cheekpad already installed, a high-cap magazine, a adjusting tool and a bag of BB's.

The A&K Dragunov is a confirmed clone of the KA/AtoZ Dragunov. Performance was amazing, it clocked at 460~480 FPS and range was just ridiculously far, the BB just kept on going straight!

Everything on this gun is Metal, except for the Handguard and stock, the only part that attracts magnets is the trigger guard, I wouldn't say pot metal, the quality of the finish is good.

I quickly opened up the gun, everything is bone dry. It seems that A&K did not bother to lube the rifle. Disassembly is very easy, all you need is a set of jewelers, a 1.5 and 3mm Allen and a small, rubber mallet. the whole rifle is held together with grub screws and pins, which is a simple, yet solid design.

I was horrified to see large chunks of Metal(maybe from the fabrication of parts) inside the cylinder. The piston is ported and very light, and is ported. The piston and hop assembly is made from Blue anodized metal. The trigger assembly is quite tricky to remove and to later install back to the gun. After some tinkering and a tube of lube later, I tested it out again. It does not like to use BB's lighter than .25's .

You adjust the hop-up by cocking the both back and adjusting it by tightening or loosening a grub screw. I also found out that it uses a V-hop up design.

My thoughts about the gun:

After, 5 shots, the hand began to hurt, later i had bruises in my hand.
A good pair of gloves is important with this rifle.

It has a long and heavy trigger pull.

a good repro scope costs more than the gun!

Accuracy and range is just awesome!

I don't think the sear will last very long.

It is quite light.

cool blue piston!

cool blue hop-up!

Taking the gun down is easier than adjusting the Hop-up

Adjusting the hop is a two person job(one holds back the bolt while the other one adjusts the grub screw)

Hi-cap magazine should be able to hold at least a hundred rounds.

The whole barrel assembly, including the front sight and flashhider is one piece.

Oh yeah, there is no aftermarket support for this gun.

Did I mention the Accuracy and range is awesome?


Dhemz said...

what a toy!....:) thanks for sharing!

sweet_shelo said...

great rifle!!! My old place was turned into an airsoft battle field..

Reiyo said...

prend request dunk.. review tentang jg m4a1+gl+red dot,, nah ntu sekalian harga + merk GL ma red dot,, tapi m4 na ga jg ga apa,, thks,, airsofter indonesia

Blog Joker said...

I Love this gun .........

Anonymous said...

Powerful posting. Waiting more challange from your blog.

contact said...

mhal ga sih harga 1 air softgun? ^^
Koko James

Deddy Irawan said...

Wow, looks very powerful.
Great weapon!

rocko said...

Hey guys.. I have a problem. Does anyone now where to find spare parts for this beauty? I have broker the silicon stick below the hopup screw as I turned it to hard (stupid.. I know). Now the stick broked, and it has it's own density, hard to change. Anybody any clue?
Please write to me to rocko_sun@yahoo.com


Raz said...

go to Airsoftpro.cz they have a better hop up unit, and sears, an extension for the bolt, pistons, wood kits, ect...

Coach Patrick said...

YES, the accuracy is awesome...BUT...you had better hope that you didn't buy it from hitguns.com (Hot Import Toys / hotimporttoys@yahoo.com). Their support is NONEXISTENT!!! They only have a 30 day warranty. You must pay to ship it to and from their facility and pay for any parts needed. We have only put about 75 rounds through it as; 1) it is nearly impossible to cock even after lubricating the action. 2) the rear sight is very cheap. It brove off after only a couple of days use. Had to machine a pin in order to repair it. 3) the trigger is jammed and we can not get the thing working. Time to dissassemble the gun...AGAIN!!! Too bad hitguns.com (hotimporttoys@yahoo.com) will not stand behind the products they sell.

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